Brazil is a member of several economic organizations. Its trading partners are extensive and include some countries that are not presently partners with US as the example of Cuba

Brazil has a large global network of diplomatic missions, and maintains diplomatic relations with every United Nations member state and the Holy See, with the exception of:

Central African Republic 
Honduras - Diplomatic relations have been suspended since June 29, 2009, due to the coup d'état

Non-UN member states:

Kosovo - Brazil does not recognize Kosovo as an independent state and has no plans to do so without an agreement with Serbia.
Republic of China - Brazil does not recognize the Republic of China (Taiwan), but maintains a special office in Taipei. 

By incorporating in Brazil (hyperlink to incorporate page) you are considered a Brazilian company with access to same benefits in place for all Brazilian companies among its partners.

Brazil Partners Group

1- G 20
3- G8 + 5
4- Mercosur participating countries
5- Caims Group